New NCSS and PASS Videos (영문)
2014/11/14 (13:41)
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New NCSS and PASS Videos |
November 13, 2014 

We have just released two new training videos to help you get the most from NCSS and PASS software.

New Videos
Investigating the Saw-Tooth Power Function in PASS
Occasionally we receive inquiries about an odd-looking power curve that occurs when calculating power for proportions tests when the sample sizes are small. This power curve is sometimes called the saw-tooth power function because of its jagged appearance. This video discusses this phenomenon. Watch the video

The Data Fill Tool in NCSS
This video demonstrates the use of the Data Fill Tool to create a series of numbers, a sequence of text values, and a set of random values. You might use this tool to prepare for data entry or to generate random data. Watch the video


More NCSS and PASS Videos

Many other videos are available on our website, or through the NCSS Youtube channel.

Request a Video Topic
If you would like us to make a video about a topic that would be of interest to you, please send us an email with the request.

We value your business and thank you for choosing NCSS and PASS software.
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