Intersoft Solutions Newsletter - September 2014 (영문)
2014/10/01 (10:37)
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September 2014 Editorial

Crosslight 2 Update 5: iOS 8 Support, Improvements to Android, and More.



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In this fifth iteration, we have proved our continuous commitment as a company that strongly focused on timely delivery, bringing many new updates to developers for the past months and addressing many of the issues found by our growing community, as well as bugs addressed by our detailed QA team and our mighty developers. This time, we're bringing support to the newly introduced iOS 8 SDK, in time with iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 plus release. Also, we have updated Crosslight for Android with new features such as new FormFragment, new pull-to-refresh UI using SwipeRefreshLayout and more. Read on.


iOS 8 Support

The zero-day release of Xamarin iOS 8 SDK when iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus made public brings a lot of new APIs for iOS 8 developers. However, this introduced major breaking changes to the existing Crosslight iOS library. As a result, after this release onwards, you will not be able to develop using older versions of Xamarin.iOS. If you wish to continue developing using older versions of iOS, you will need to use Crosslight 2.4. The good news is, you can now develop Crosslight apps using this new library. All of our samples are also updated to comply with iOS 8. Learn more.


New Form Fragment

Crosslight developers have been enjoying a powerful feature to build forms using simple, attribute-based metadata forms using the Crosslight Form Builder. In the previous versions of Crosslight.Android, you can only achieve the scenario using the FormActivity. Now, you have the flexiblity to use the FormBuilder in a contained FormFragment, allowing you to utilize the Form Builder in a customized layout. Learn more.


Pull-to-Refresh with SwipeRefreshLayout

In Crosslight 2.0, we have introduced a special feature that allows you to greatly simplify the pull-to-refresh process which can be easily activated using a property set in the ViewModel. The Crosslight for Android then translates this feature into a beautifully-designed pull-to-refresh UI with blue Holo theme that conforms to the Android platform. Google then incorporates this feature into their native apps such as Google+, Google Now, and Gmail, calling the feature as Swipe-To-Refresh. In turn, they've also updated the Google Support library to support this feature using the SwipeRefreshLayout. We've done the same. Learn more.


Streamline your cross-platform mobile development with Crosslight.


Crosslight 3.0 Sneak Peek

This update would be the last update to Crosslight 2.0 as we are preparing for the huge October release, which marks the next major version of Crosslight: Crosslight 3.0. This update brings major improvements to tooling support in Mac and Windows: Item templates for Xamarin Studio on Mac, Crosslight Project Wizard on Mac, Visual Studio F1 help integration and more. Take a look at all the features we have to offer here.


Community Center


Use Crosslight 2 Advanced Master Detail to Close Detail View

Community member Domingo is questioning about how to use Crosslight 2 Advanced Master Detail to close the detail view.
See how Jimmy Petrus answers the question as well as provides a snippet code for solution..


Crosslight Drawer Navigation

A member Thomas submitted a feature to add selected state in NavigationDrawer. We have implemented this feature in Crosslight 2 Update 3. See how Yudi provides a comprehensive step-by-step instruction on how to apply selected state in NavigationDrawer on iOS platform.


Use Crosslight 2 Reporting Service to view PDF from File

A member Domingo wants to know if Crosslight reporting service does support viewing of PDF from file. Well surely it does.
Check out how Hans directs him to achieve this scenario


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Experience our new and updated samples for HTML5.


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Browse hundreds of business-inspiring reference samples.



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