Intersoft Solutions Newsletter - August 2014 (영문)
2014/09/01 (09:29)
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August 2014 Editorial

Crosslight 2 Update 4: Tiny update, big features.


Martin Lie

Customer Relation Executive

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We're developers like you. We totally understand how hard the lives of developers are, and just how hard to implement features that works seamlessly and reliably across all platforms. That's why we always do the best we can – to take the pain out of the cross-platform apps development, so that you can deliver your next killer apps in dramatically less time and effort.

Previous iteration of Crosslight (2.0 Update 3) delivers many exciting features such as new localizable business project template, 50+ project item templates for Visual Studio and many more time-saving features.

We are very excited to announce that the fourth iteration of Crosslight 2 is here, which brings many new services and improvements that you've been waiting for. Say hello to our brand new, super-powerful sync services; ultra smooth scrolling in iOS, and many other major improvements in iOS as well as other platforms.

Check out the new life-saving features below.


Super-charged Sync Services with Push Notifications.

Earlier version Crosslight allows you to perform data syncing through pull-to-refresh gesture. We've taken it to the next level. You've seen how easy it is to localize your apps for different languages. Now we've given Crosslight Sync Services new superpowers. Crosslight now supports OS-level background syncing, even when the apps are inactive. You can even trigger the data sync anytime via push notifications. When data is updated in the server, you can easily channel the updates to all registered devices, on-demand. If that's not ideal for you, interval updates are also supported. Learn more.

Buttery-Smooth Scrolling in iOS.

Performance. Performance. Performance. We're so passionate about it that are constantly finding ways on how to improve them. This time, iOS receives a major improvement in scrolling performance. You can now use complex layouts in table view controllers, in combination with the improved asynchronous image loaders to achieve buttery-smooth scrolling experience.

We'll tell you a little secret: We've moved threads that blocks the UI to the Grand Central Dispatch. Learn more.

iOS Automatic Row Height Calculation.

Ages ago (not that long actually), to use a custom cell template with custom height, you need to implement a custom table source that returns a custom table cell with static height. Now you don't have to. Plug-in the XIB and specify the height in the Xcode Interface Designer. That's it. Learn more.

Bonus: Now you can also implement dynamic cell height, found in popular apps such as Facebook and Twitter, just by using AutoLayout. Blazing-fast performance. Here you go.

Even More

We have more features in store for you. Automatic aspect ratio calculation in thumbnail, automatic selection persistence in the navigation drawer, stability improvements for the Enterprise App Framework, updates to Samples and API docs, and more. Learn even more.

Explore the Developer Center to learn and discover more about Crosslight, starting from conceptual topics, sample code, walkthroughs to video tutorials and much more. Download your free Intersoft Studio trial today and start building great cross-platform apps.


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