Intersoft Solutions Newsletter - July 2014 (영문)
2014/08/01 (11:47)
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July 2014 Editorial

Crosslight 2.3: Cross-Platform Localization Made Painless, 50+ Item Templates for Visual Studio, Improved Form Builder, and Much More.


You asked – so we delivered. We are thrilled to announce Crosslight 2.3 release which delivers many of the exciting features you've been asking for. We have added more than 50 project item templates that integrate to your favorite IDE – Visual Studio 2012 or 2013. A variety of Crosslight project items are now available on each supported platform, such as various view controllers for iOS, activity and fragments for Android and pages for Windows. Best of all, you can now easily add most frequently added items to your Crosslight apps, such as binding providers and view models.Read More.

In the previous Crosslight release, we introduced you to a powerful business template which includes tons of time-saving features designed for business scenarios. In this release, we take the business template to a whole new level. Introducing the new localizable business template, you can now quickly build multi-language apps across multiple platforms supporting iOS, Android and Windows. All textual elements are now centralized in the Shared project which allows you to easily add new string resources or add support for more languages in your Crosslight apps. The localizable business template also ships with pre-built language settings that persist on the device so you can get started with your multi-language apps in seconds.

In addition, this release also delivers hundreds of new time-saving features and major stability improvements you've been waiting for. Check out the full release notes here.

A comprehensive, complete and periodically updated documentation is also given to you to get better understanding on using our great toolset. Explore the Developer Center to learn more about Crosslight, starting from conceptual topics, sample code, walkthroughs to video tutorials and much more. Download your free Intersoft Studio trial today and start building great cross-platform apps.

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Crosslight 2.3 Release Highlights


The latest release of Crosslight 2.3 features new localizable Business Project Template, new item templates for Visual Studio, dynamic localization service and much more. Read Now.

50+ New Crosslight Item Templates


This release adds more than 50 item templates for Visual Studio 2013 to slash your development time.
Explore now.


New Crosslight Project Wizard Enhancements


Crosslight Project Wizard now provides you with a time-saving project template that utilizes the powerful localization services, called Localizable Business Template. Learn more.

Crosslight Samples Updates


All Crosslight samples have been updated to reflect the changes and leverage the new features available in this release. Download samples.


Community Center


Using EnabledBinding and VisibilityBinding Attributes in FormMetadata

Community member Domingo is curious how to leverage Crosslight FormMetadata with EnabledBinding and VisibilityBinding Attributes to use in the Crosslight form builder. See how he managed to found the answer for himself.


Crosslight and Xamarin Components

Community member Thomas wishes to use Xamarin components in his Crosslight.Android application, but encountered a stumbling block where he had to use Xamarin.Android.Support.v4 instead of the Mono.Android.Support.V4. See how we resolved his issues, especially with this new release.


Using a custom OAuth2WebAuthenticator service in Crosslight applications

Community member Michel Smit is building his own authentication service which leverages the OAuth2WebAuthenticator class built into Crosslight. See how Yudi provides a working sample that uses the custom service.


ASP.NET Online Samples


Experience our new and updated samples for HTML5.


Silverlight Online Samples


Browse hundreds of business-inspiring reference samples.



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