UEStudio 14.20 released, new UltraCompare and UltraFinder on the way... (영문)
2014/05/07 (11:07)
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UEStudio v14.20 just released!


UEStudio v14.20


New in UEStudio v14.20:



Dockable / Tabbed Find and Replace


• Can be docked, hidden, and resized


• Modeless Find/Replace in Files


• All dialogs match your custom theme


Expanded theme support


• Themed FTP account manager


• Themed FTP Open/Save dialogs


Cut, copy, and paste with multi-caret


Various other improvements


See more...


Download  Upgrade


Get UEStudio 14.20 now: Go to Help » Check for Updates.



 UltraEdit users: Upgrade to 21.10


UltraEdit box


...and renew your year of free upgrades.


Get all the new features of v21.10, plus receive a license for the latest versions of UltraEdit for Mac and Linux!

only $39.95

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 UltraEdit users: Upgrade to UES 14.20


UEStudio box


...and get a $30 credit on your new UEStudio license!


UEStudio provides a framework of integrated development functionality that complements a very powerful editing platform.

Retail: $89.95
Now: $59.95

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Our upgrade policy: Since 1994, we've believed in over-delivering on the value of paid registration. As always, your paid registration includes free upgrades for one year following your purchase date.


  Ignite your creativity with new releases of UltraCompare and UltraFinder




Coming soon: UltraCompare 14.00... Featuring themes!

UltraCompare 14.00 is now in BETA! Want an easier way to sync local and remote directories? Check out the new sync options in folder mode! We have also made many performance gains through months of code refactoring and quality assurance testing. Lastly, software should adapt to you, not vice versa...so we have added application themes to UltraCompare so you can enjoy the same look and feel as UltraEdit. Join our beta group and get an early peek at UC 14.00! Sign up here.


Better together: UltraFinder 14.00

UltraFinder 14.00 Beta 1 is expected this month! We have spent nearly a year under the hood putting in a search facility second to none. The new UltraFinder is ridiculously fast at finding whatever you are looking for. We expect Beta 1 this month! Sign up for our beta group and see if our ultimate search engine meets with your expectations!


  Featured video: Get more out of multi-caret




Multi-caret video

In this video, we take a look at the multi-caret editing feature introduced in 21.00 and cover a couple of the ways that multi-caret can save you vast amounts of time and work.

Ever needed to add some data to the end of multiple lines with varying length? End-of-line carets makes this a breeze -- no need for a regular expression replace or manual formatting anymore!



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  User-submitted quick tip




Ben Schwenk

User-submitted quick tip: Copy visible lines only with multi-select
Special thanks goes out to Tomas H. for sharing this useful method for copying only visible (non-collapsed) lines with multi-select!
Ever needed to quickly copy just the visible, non-hidden lines in your file? Perhaps you've been scraping a log file and have hidden all lines not containing a certain IP address or status code... how can you isolate the visible lines now to a new file for further processing and formatting? Multi-select can help here!

Step 1) Hide unimportant lines


You can easily hide lines by selecting them and going to View -> Hide/Show Lines -> Hide/Show Selection (the hotkey is Ctrl + Minus Sign). You can also hide lines using the Hide/Show Lines filter in the Find dialog, or via code folding in syntax highlighted files.


Step 2) Select All


Simply press Ctrl + A to select everything


Step 3) Enable end-of-line (EOL) carets


Hold down the Ctrl key and click with your mouse beyond the end-of-line of the selected lines


Step 4) Select to beginning of line


Hold down Shift and press the Home key


Step 5) Copy lines


Press Ctrl + C... Only the visible lines are copied to the clipboard!




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