UltraEdit Find and Replace Tricked Out...21.10 Released! (영문)
2014/04/18 (10:16)
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Just released: UltraEdit v21.10

The new era continues...

UltraEdit v21.10 screenshotUltraEdit v21.10 screenshot
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UltraEdit v21.10 builds upon the game-changing functionality introduced in v21.00!
This release features a completely re-imagined tabbed and dockable Find/Replace dialog with a vastly improved interface and layout! We've also added full clipboard support for multi-caret and multi-select and expanded support for custom editor themes. If you haven't yet upgraded to the v21 series...what are you waiting for?!
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What's new in the v21 series?

Dockable / Tabbed Find, Replace, Find in Files, and Replace in FilesQuick Find
Dockable Find/Replace screenshotDockable Find/Replace screenshotQuick Find screenshot
Multi-caret editingMulti-select with cut/copy/pasteCustom scrollbars
Multi-caret editing screenshotMulti-select with clipboard support screenshotCustom scrollbars screenshot
Re-imagined FTP browserFully themed FTP dialogsFTP transfer log
New FTP browser screenshotThemed FTP dialog screenshotNew FTP Transfers screenshot

Upgrade your personal license to v21.10 today!

Your personal license includes:

• The all new v21.10
• Three installations for personal use
• Win, Mac (v4.1), and Linux (v4.1) versions
• 1 common license key for all platforms
• Free upgrades for 1 year for all platforms
• Lifetime support
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