DHTMLX Updates: New File Uploader, Tutorials, Book Review (영문)
2014/02/06 (13:58)
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We would like to introduce the latest news and updates of the DHTMLX products:



dhtmlxVault 2.0




The new version of our JavaScript file uploader is available for download. dhtmlxVault 2.0 now supports drag-and-drop feature, custom upload restrictions, easy integration with other DHTMLX components, and more.

Learn more or download dhtmlxVault 2.0 Standard





Using DHTMLX Scheduler and Gantt Chart with TypeScript




We have posted a tutorial that explains how to use dhtmlxScheduler and dhtmlxGantt with TypeScript, a free language for application-scale JavaScript development provided by Microsoft.

Read the tutorial





Install dhtmlxScheduler and dhtmlxGantt with NuGet or Bower




You can now install dhtmlxScheduler and dhtmlxGantt through Bower or NuGet, package managers for the web. 

Read the tutorial





Building the DHTMLX Library with Grunt




Grunt is a JavaScript task runner. In this article we show how to use Grunt to compile a single file from the dhtmlxSuite package.

Read the tutorial





"Learning DHTMLX Suite UI" Book Review




We have also posted a review on Eli Geske's book "Learning DHTMLX Suite UI" that helps web developers to get started with the DHTMLX library and buid rich web apps faster.


See what other Products and Services we are offering.


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