Intersoft Solutions Newsletter - October 2013 (영문)
2013/10/07 (09:23)
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October 2013 Editorial

New 2013 release highlights, iOS7 support, special bundle offer, and more.

Last month, we have finally delivered Premier Studio 2013, our biggest and most impactful release ever. It's definitely not a version you want to miss! We added major new components and expanded our toolset to several mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8. So if you're looking to build mobile apps for your own business or clients, we've got you covered! We built a revolutionary cross-platform toolset that makes mobile development truly a breeze. It has everything developers wanted for so long: the luxury of write once and target any platforms. Learn more about Crosslight and find out many new exciting products such as innovative XAML reporting, and major upgrades to WebScheduler, WebTextEditor and WebEssentials.

While Apple's users celebrate the iOS 7 release a few weeks ago, our team were busy upgrading Crosslight to support the new iOS. Now available to download, the latest Crosslight update includes redesigned form controls and editors to match the new user interface and design guidelines introduced in iOS 7. Every detail is meticulously considered. Join Jimmy in his blog post as he discussed the iOS 7 support in details.

Last but not least, we have great news for every mobile developer and our customers in particular. If you're looking to jump start with cross-platform mobile development, you should check out our special bundles with Xamarin platforms which offer the best values combined with attractive price. And if you already owned Xamarin licenses, contact me today to receive special partner discount for either Premier Studio or Mobile Studio license purchase.

Get your copy of Intersoft Studio 2013 today and start building great apps today. Ensure your subscription is active to be eligible to receive the new 2013 release. Please write me an email for account inquiry, renewal, and competitive upgrade offer.

Martin Lie, Customer Relation Executive



2013 Release Highlights

The new Premier Studio 2013 is here – featuring revolutionary cross-platform mobile toolset, innovative Silverlight reporting suite, and major ASP.NET upgrades.
Learn more

Crosslight Supports iOS 7

The recent Crosslight update adds full support for iOS 7. Experience the all-new form builder and editors which have been redesigned to adhere the iOS 7 new user interface and design guidelines.
Learn more.

Intersoft and Xamarin. Better together.

Intersoft Studio now comes bundled with Xamarin Platforms with attractive pricing, saving up to $998 per developer license.
Learn more.

Build Your Own Inventory Tracker App

Learn how to build a simple inventory tracker app with Crosslight targetting iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 platforms.
Learn more.


Community Center

Close dialogbox in IFrame and add maximize button

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Add custom attribute in WebGrid

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Build WebRibbon Programmatically

Community member Adam is trying to build WebRibbon programmatically. He would like to add a new tab and item using code behind in C#. Grab the sample solution and complete conversation.


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