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2013/10/04 (10:19)
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October 2013


Let's talk about six! 

For the past few months, six was the talk of JAM Software - and now it's done! TreeSize version 6 is out and we are proud and really happy to finally share this big development with you.

 TreeSize Professional V6 - try the new version today!

 ShellBrowser Components .NET V5 - build your own Explorer
 UltraSearch V1.8 - now available with full 64-Bit support
 SmartSerialMail V6.3 - get a head start!

With TreeSize Professional and Personal V6 you will take disk space management to the next level! Many new features and a redesigned UI help you understand what is going on on your hard disk.

Is there something you always wanted to learn about JAM Software? Try our website for the latest news:

Open questions? You will reach us here: - we are looking forward to hearing from you!

With best wishes from Trier 


Anna Deckmann
(Head of Marketing)

Falk-Rafael Bubacz
(Head of Sales)


 TreeSize V6 is here!

 ShellBrowser .NET V5

 UltraSearch V1.8

 SmartSerialMail V6.3


 Your own switchboard

Your computer is your switchboard: monitor, accept, end and manage calls with SmartCallMonitor!

Download now!

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ShellBrowser .NET
Exchange Server Toolbox

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 TreeSize Professional V6 - new exciting disk space management features


... do we need to say more?

We'll keep it short and sweet: TreeSize V6 has arrived!

Get TreeSize today and put your disk space management software through its paces. All the features you were looking forward to are now within your reach.

Want to do some more reading before using TreeSize Professional V6? Visit our website - all the information is there. You cannot wait to get started? Test TreeSize V6 right here and right now!

 ShellBrowserComponents .NET Edition V5 - start developing!

In spite of all this six talk we should remember that the number five has its advantages, too. You are developing in .NET and want to include explorer components in your application?

In this case read on: ShellBrowserComponents .NET Edition V5 is out!

It goes without saying that the components offer full Windows 8 and Visual Studio 2012 support - but there is much more to learn about our versatile developer components.

Cloning the Windows Explorer in Visual Basic or C# has never been easier! You will find a list of all components here, but we would like a moment to present the two top-features:

DragDrop_ShellBrowserNET.png  The ShellFilePreview component adds the preview pane of the Windows Explorer. Let your users see a file's content without having to open it!

 Windows 7 Explorer-style drag hints and large drag icons are now shown for drag and drop operations within our controls, providing the real look-and-feel.

Test the ShellBrowserComponents .NET Edition V5 for 30 days- it's free! Want some more information first? Simply check out our website!

 UltraSearch V1.8 - native 64-Bit support

The heart of the TreeSize V6 scan and file search engine is forged from UltraSearch technology - a great reason to learn more about this handy piece of software.

Find files faster, use regular expressions, customize and save searches, and exclude files or entire folders with just a few clicks of your mouse: UltraSearch V1.8 is our fast file search freeware and comes with native 64 Bit support!

Searching for the same files over and over again? Just tell UltraSearch to remember all recently used patterns and select your favorite searches from a drop down list. UltraSearch will even use this list to autocomplete your entries.

UltraSearch does not maintain an index and it works directly on the Master File Table (MFT) of NTFS drives. This way, ultra-fast searches are guaranteed. You will see the first few results while typing out your pattern. Using NTFS hardlinks? Don't worry, UltraSearch will find them!

Start the speed test and download UItraSearch - it's free! You require additional information? All you need to know can be found here.

 SmartSerialMail V6.3 - don't procrastinate!

SmartSerialMail V6 has been out for some time, but that does not mean that we stopped improving our versatile serial mailer. SmartSerialMail remains the perfect way to guarantee easy email communication with your customers - for instance around Christmas.

It's less than 100 days until the holiday season is upon us! Each year we get loads of last-minute orders from customers telling us they waited till the last minute to get started with their Season's Greetings. Our recommendation: get SmartSerialMail today and avoid the end of the year-panic! 

Check out SmartSerialMail and download the free trial version! Want to learn more? Get started here.


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