[Xamarin] Announcing same-day support for iOS 7 (영문)
2013/09/24 (15:48)
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Please display your images to check out some of our favorite iOS 7 features.

New iOS 7 features are already running on millions of devices, and with Apple's new design changes it is easy to see which apps are updated and which ones are left behind.

You don't want your apps to run on the outdated OS on the left, right?

Old and busted

New hotness

Fortunately, with Xamarin's same-day support for iOS 7, you can have access to the new OS right now! We're pleased to announce that Xamarin.iOS 7 is available, and there are two important things for you to do to make sure your apps take full advantage of Apple's new mobile OS:

Register for our top iOS 7 APIs webinar

Join Mike Bluestein, Developer Evangelist at Xamarin, on Thursday, September 26th for a tour of the most exciting APIs, including Apple's new design style, new UIKit Dynamics physics engine, multitasking, new network and location services, and more.

Deep dive into the features

With over 1,500 new APIs, iOS 7 opens up new mobile experiences. Some of our favorite new features include:

UIKit Dynamics

UIKit Dynamics

Apple's UI framework now has a physics engine built in — UIKit Dynamics. Using a simple declarative API, your apps can now have immersive animations that feel realistic and simulate real-world behaviors for objects in an app.



Make your users happy and your apps more dynamic by using the powerful new multitasking features of iOS 7 to do work in the background and consume less battery power.

Network Power

More network power

Core Bluetooth Low Energy protocol makes Bluetooth tasks even easier. Apple's iBeacons build upon Bluetooth Low Energy to give your applications location support that can work indoors, enabling scenarios based upon device proximity that previously were not possible.

Text and images

New text and image capabilities

The newly added Text Kit framework lets you programmatically control text in applications without low-level Core Text coding. New Core Image filters let you turn images into compelling experiences.

To get started building amazing iOS 7 apps in C#, download Xamarin today or simply launch Visual Studio or Xamarin Studio and you'll be prompted to update.
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