ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2013 v2 Released (영문)
2013/08/01 (09:08)
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ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2013 v2: Just Launched

ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2013 v2 is here! Extend the reach of your apps with our new controls for Windows Store development and our enhanced support for touch, MVC 4 Mobile, AngularJS, and Entity Framework. This new release features enhancements that span all .NET platforms: WinForms, WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone, ASP.NET Wijmo, WinRT, and more. Find out about all of our new features in this short highlight video.

Download ComponentOne Studio Enterprise FreeThere's no cost to try! Work in Visual Studio with ease using these powerful .NET controls. Start the Studio Enterprise web installer or visit the download center to access all of the new features.

Here's a peek at what's included:

  • Studio Enterprise now supports enhanced touch interaction in Mobile and XAML products, including dragging gestures (and in some cases pinching as well) when scrolling through content, so now your desktop apps can work great on touch devices too!
  • Studio for WinRT XAML includes new RadialMenu, RichTextBox, Book, and OrgChart controls that provide an innovative, touch-friendly interface to transform information into experiences.
  • ComponentOne Mobile MVC Tools powered by Wijmo now let you rapidly develop Mobile Web Apps using MVC. Our tools include a ready-to-use Mobile Project Template and custom Mobile Scaffolding to make creating Mobile MVC apps easier than ever.
  • Wijmo Professional now supports AngularJS, a lightweight MVC JavaScript framework, allowing you to easily create and maintain a dynamically changing UI.
  • ComponentOne Entity Framework DataSource adds ease-of-use and performance enhancements to the Entity Framework and RIA Services in Studio for WinForms, Studio for Silverlight, and Studio for WPF.

Watch the video to learn more and download now to explore our 2013 v2 release's features and enhancements!

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