010 Editor v5.0 Released (영문)
2013/07/10 (10:36)
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Announcing 010 Editor v5.0

Hello Minwoo Gong

010 Editor is now more powerful and customizable. Featuring syntax highlighting for HTML, XML, and PHP, a new Column Mode, new text formatting options and customizable Toolbars and right-click menus, 010 Editor v5.0 is becoming the go-to editor for text and hex data. Plus for the first time 010 Editor is available for Linux. To view the full list of changes see our webpage:

·         http://www.sweetscape.com/010editor/latest_version.html

Download 010 Editor for Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux today:

·         http://www.sweetscape.com/download/download_010editor.html



Syntax Highlighting


010 Editor v5.0 includes syntax highlighters for HTML, XML and PHP plus syntax highlighters can be customized or created using the 'Syntax' section of the Options dialog. Easily add keywords to highlight or change coloring using Styles. Develop a syntax highlighting scheme you would like to see included with 010 Editor by default? We are accepting submissions and you can export the syntax highlighter using the 'Export List' button in the 'Syntax' page of the Options dialog and send the file to 'support@sweetscape.com'.



Column Mode



Column Mode is now available for working with data organized into columns. Click the Column Mode icon in the toolbar, or just hold down the Ctrl key while dragging the mouse to create a column selection. Once a column selection has been made data can be deleted, copied, or pasted to other sections of the file. When a column selection is active, start typing on the keyboard to insert text on each line at the same time. Column selections even work with both text and hex data.



Linux Version


010 Editor v5.0 is now available on Linux. We officially support Ubuntu 10.04+ but it should work on other distributions as well. Features support for the middle-click clipboard and integration with the Ubuntu File Manager.






Toolbars can now be created or customized by right-clicking on a Toolbar and choosing 'Customize...' from the right-click menu. Drag and drop actions on the toolbars to add them. The main editor right-click menu can also be customized by right-clicking on a Editor Window and choosing 'Customize...'.



Upgrades and Pricing

If you purchased 010 Editor within the last year you are eligible for a free upgrade to version 5.0; However, if you purchased 010 Editor more than a year ago you will have to purchase an upgrade to use the new version. If you do require an upgrade, the new version can be used as a 30-day trial to see if you would like to upgrade.

The easiest way to determine if you require an upgrade is to click 'Tools > Register' on the 010 Editor main menu. If using 010 Editor 3.0 or later, you should see a line near the bottom that says 'Support/Maintenance (Free Upgrades) Expires:'. If the date listed there is before the official release date (June 24th, 2013), you will require an upgrade. Note that if you are eligible for a free upgrade, you do not have to obtain a new license and your old license will automatically work with the new version.

Older versions of 010 Editor are still available for download from our main download page.

Thanks to all of our customers and it's by your feedback and suggestions that 010 Editor has become more powerful. Please continue to send us your ideas and we hope you enjoy using the new version. The 10th anniversary of 010 Editor is coming up in September and watch for more news.

The SweetScape Software Team


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