UltraEdit v22...Scrolling problems solved. (영문)
2015/04/17 (09:25)
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In this issue:  UltraEdit v22 released | UltraCompare v15.1 released | Beta tester shout-out
See your text like never before...
Announcing UltraEdit v22 and the all-new Document Map
Screenshot of Doc Map in UE v22
UltraEdit users — Get v22 now: Go to Help » Check for Updates.
This is one feature that will change the way you think about text editing.

Simply toggle the document map on and a dynamic index grows alongside every document you open, modify, create; and you can navigate to entire sections of code in a single click.

The new document map provides a bird's-eye view of your document's structure, tracks changes, shows bookmarks, code folding, multi carets, selections, active line, and so much more. You can also resize the font and set options in its context menu as well.

The all-new document map in UltraEdit v22.0 scrolls smoothly and can be displayed in vertical and horizontal split modes. Supercharge your productivity and enjoyment of your work with the all-new UltraEdit v22.0!

 Don't see the Document Map in the View –> Views/Lists menu?
If you don't see the Document Map option in View -> Views/Lists, the most likely cause is an out-of-date menu profile. To remedy this, right-click on your main menu somewhere and select "Advanced." You should now see the Document Map in your menu.

For toolbars, you can do the same, or manually add the Document Map icon by right-clicking on the toolbar and selecting "Customize Toolbar."
More on v22:   Download v22 now   »    Tour new features   »    See release notes   »
What's so great about the Document Map?

  • See "filmstrip" view of your file for visual context
  • Quickly jump to a different section of your code
  • See bookmarks and code folding
  • See active line and line change indicator
  • Reposition caret on click
  • Toggle off if desired
 What else is new in v22?
*Vertically split window
*"Recently Closed Files" menu item
*Cut/copy all bookmarked lines
*Trim Leading Spaces
*New macro/scripting commands
*See more...
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UltraCompare v15.1 now available
Get to your compare faster with improved Explorer integration!
Comparing files and folders straight out of Windows explorer just got easier with new Windows Explorer integration in v15.1! UltraCompare's context menu functionality in v15.1 hasn't just been enhanced — it's been completely re-thought for maximum usability and efficiency.
Screenshot of UC v15.1
UC 15.1 Split ExplorerUltraCompare v15.1 also now shares the same split explorer pane interface as UltraEdit and UEStudio. You can sort files and folders in the lower pane by name, date, type, or size.

This version also includes improved internal algorithms for matching up text in text compare as well as a hefty installment of maintenance..
  UltraCompare users Any user
More on UC v15.1:
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Receiving his promotion to beta black belt: Tomàš Hasa
As we've wrapped up another beta period, we would be remiss not to acknowledge the contributions of one of our most powerful beta team members: Tomàš Hasa. Each beta cycle, Tom provides valuable feedback and insight on new functionality and helps us shape and drive quality releases for our entire user community. For v22, Tom went above and beyond the call in beta testing and feedback, and for that he receives a promotion to beta black belt! Well done, Tom.

If you would like to be a part of our beta community, you can sign up here. This not only gives you a first look at new features and functionality but also the opportunity to speak into and shape the design and development of the products you love.
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