Download the new DbVisualizer 9.2 (영문)
2015/01/14 (10:31)
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DbVisualizer 9.2 is available

Effective immediately, the improved DbVisualizer 9.2 is available for download and purchase. 

With 9.2, you get the following:

·         Increased security with Master Password

·         Prevent connection drops due to timeouts with the Connection Keep-Alive support

·         Single Physical Connections useful for embedded databases or to limit number of connections with DB server

·         Import from XLS/XLSX files

·         Editor Templates improves writing SQL code

·         Support for parameter markers for any database

·         Same low price of $179 for one DbVisualizer Pro license, despite increased functionality

These are just a few highlights in 9.2. Visit the DbVisualizer web site to learn more.

DbVis Software web site

DbVisualizer is the universal database tool for developers, administrators, and analysts that want to pose ad-hoc queries to vast databases in near real time. DbVisualizer is used by more than 16.000 customers in 112 countries and has a 13 year history as a successful commercial database tool.



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