Intersoft Solutions Newsletter - December 2014 (영문)
2014/12/30 (09:54)
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December 2014 Editorial

Happy Holidays! Intersoft Holiday Offer is Back.


Martin Lie

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In case you missed the news, we have released Premier Studio 2014 R2 that includes numerous exciting features for Crosslight, WebGrid as well as ClientUI. To celebrate our release as well as upcoming wonderful holiday season, we are happy to announce Intersoft's giveaway special offer! Share the joy of Christmas and blissful New Year with your friends, beloved and relatives with our special gifts. Don't miss out this opportunity!

Let's see more features highlight on Premier Studio 2014 R2 below.


Supercharged Form Builder

With over 20 pre-built essential editors supported, Crosslight adds more advanced powerful editors such as radio button editor, checkbox list, child list view. The introduction of these editors open up a whole new possibilities that allows you to quickly build great-looking forms with even more functionality.Learn more.

Inline Editing Support

To-do apps such as Reminder app in the iOS platform is one of the essential apps that we use in daily life. We usually do a lot of creating several new tasks to remind ourselves of some jobs to be done. Crosslight 3 added this new feature called inline editing support, introducing a new, straightforward and intuitive way of creating a new task.

Say goodbye to tedious multiple taps, you can now enable in-line editing to turn static label into editable text with high apple-standard smooth animation during auto-resizing. It just simplifies your life! Learn more.

Swipe Gesture Support

In previous iOS 7, iPhone user has been introduced with user interaction capabilities to its Mail app. Basically, you can perform a swipe gesture to perform action such as deleting an email. In iOS 8, Crosslight 3 enhanced this capability to allow support for more custom actions to be shows when a cell is swiped. Learn more.

Translucency Visual Effect

Most popular iOS apps have been designed with translucency visual effect, such as featured in Yahoo Mail or Zite. Crosslight 3 added this effect into its solid framework so that you can simple apply the effect with just a simple property set. Engage users with your gorgeous translucent visual effect apps! Learn more.

Hyper-fast Scrolling Performance

Asynchronous image load has been popular feature introduce in Crosslight 2. In this release, Crosslight 3 adds refinement and polish to this feature allowing you to enjoy even faster and smoother performance when scrolling using the image loader. Learn more.

Easy Input with Auto-Complete

With the new auto-complete text box introduced in Android, Crosslight lets you easily performing text inputs for intuitive in-line suggestions, shown in the form of popups. No more nightmare when dealing with text inputs. Learn more.

Drawer Navigation

The navigation drawer allows developers to display consistent and orderly navigation menus in a presentable and intuitive way. It's been very popular towards mobile usage nowadays. This feature has been adopted since Crosslight 2 so that you can enjoy and take advantage of the same popular navigation drawer in your apps.

Crosslight 3 enhanced the experience when using standard navigation with fragments, the drawer toggle button now changes to Up button, while retaining the navigation drawer accessibility. Learn more.

Stunning Retina-Ready Display and Modern Themes

In this release, Silverlight controls have been significantly enhanced to display Retina-grade pixel rendering and equipped with new Modern themes. Learn more.


Community Center

Bind the same View Model on Multiple Views

Community member Fabian is trying to build tabbed pages with same view model in his project. In order to perform this scenario, you need to register the name for each view and differentiate it from the other views.
See the full code snippet to get the result.

Use Crosslight Advanced Master Detail to Close Detail View

Community member Domingo is questioning about how to use Crosslight Advanced Master Detail to close the detail view. See how Jimmy Petrus answers the question as well as provides a snippet code for solution.

Get a Contact List in Android

Community member Joke Smith is questioning on how to implement contact list in Android device.
See how Yudi provides a sample solution that is ready to download.


ASP.NET Online Samples

Experience our new and updated samples for HTML5.


Silverlight Online Samples

Browse hundreds of business-inspiring reference samples.

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