DHTMLX Newsletter: New Component, Gantt 3.1, Scheduler 4.2 and More (영문)
2014/11/20 (09:47)
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The recent news from DHTMLX team 

Dear DHTMLX User!

We want to share the latest news with you. Since our previous newsletter, we've updated dhtmlxGantt and dhtmlxScheduler, presented a new DHTMLX component, and shared a number of helpful dhtmlx tips.


Meet dhtmlxPortal!

Try out our new component, dhtmlxPortal, a layout with the possibility to drag-and-drop its cells. Download the component and share your experience on the forum or contact us at support@dhtmlx.com. We highly appreciate any feedbacks and suggestions.

Download dhtmlxPortal Beta


dhtmlxGantt is updated to version 3.1. Now you have the abitity to drag tasks on touch devices. Also the update includes a number fo bug fixes and significant increase in speed.

dhtmlxScheduler 4.2 released with a big number of improvements: bootstrap compatibility, ability to create custom form for recurring events and more. Also on most configurations of the Timeline view the rendering time has been decreased in 2-3 times!

What's new in Gantt 3.1
What's new in Scheduler 4.2

Our section in blog called "DHTMLX Little-Known Features" continues updating every week. Check the tips and pieces of advice that have appeared lately:


Tooltips with Popup in dhtmlxCalendar

Two simple steps to place the tooltips with popup windows in our JavaScript Date Picker, dhtmlxCalendar. Nice-looking and useful reminders. Get the details


Docking / Undocking Cells

There is an easy way to dock and undock cells in dhtmlxAccordion and dhtmlxLayout. The cell can be displayed in a separate window. Just one line of code. Get the details


Mini Calendar in dhtmlxScheduler

Mini calendar is an extension that can be added to the scheduler header, to the lightbox or to any place outside the scheduler or other pages. Learn how to do it

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