Syncfusion Essential Studio 2013 Volume 3 (영문)
2013/09/11 (09:13)
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2013 VOL 3

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Essential Studio Enterprise Edition 2013 Volume 3 is now available for immediate download!

Essential Studio 2013 Volume 3 adds a complete suite of JavaScript frameworks, Microsoft LightSwitch compatibility, and more options for enterprise development on mobile devices. 

Key highlights in Volume 3

  • Essential Studio for JavaScript: The only set of client-side JavaScript controls on the market built specifically for complex enterprise development.

  • Microsoft LightSwitch support: Many Essential Studio controls are now compatible with LightSwitch—the DataGrid, Chart, Editor, and Report Viewer, to name a few. 

  • Essential Diagram for WinRT: The control that creates feature-rich diagrams for Windows Store Applications has transitioned from beta to its final version. 

  • Interactive chart series and data points: Now available in WinRT, Windows Phone, WPF, and Silverlight suites. 

  • Enhanced Schedule control: Essential Schedule, an Outlook calendar-like scheduler has been updated with sub-resources for WinRT, WPF, and Silverlight suites. 

  • Adobe PDF portfolio: Improvements to Essential PDF enable users to create and modify Adobe PDF portfolios. 


Please download the latest 30-day evaluation to check out all the new features. Click the Download now button below to start the process. We appreciate your time.

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