UltraEdit v20 released (영문)
2013/09/11 (09:09)
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UltraEdit v20 Now Available — Not a Typo!

With editor themes, layouts, CSS color tooltips, and more...


Get v20 now! Go to Help » Check for Updates.


Why v20? Although we released 19.00 and 19.10 earlier this year, the advancements in editor themes and large file handling are bigger news than a point can convey... the v20 series begins!

Editor themes give you complete control of the appearance of the application, from menus to dockable panes, from toolbars and editor colors to status bar styling and more. Combined with our new layouts, you can configure UltraEdit as a multi-window or sleek minimalistic application.


UltraEdit themes


"...Your newest release of UltraEdit is nothing less than remarkable..."


Manage themes

Switch themes and layouts on the fly

Changing UltraEdit's look is as easy as going to View » Themes and selecting a new theme or View » Layouts and selecting a new layout.

UltraEdit v20 comes preloaded with many default themes, but you can create your own and share with other users as well.




Added value: Themes simplify syntax highlighting colors!


Ever added a new wordfile but found its coloring doesn't match your style?
Ever accepted an update to your wordfile only to see that your colors were reset?

Problem solved! With the Theme Manager in v20, just set and forget your default colors for syntax highlighting. Any wordfiles you add in the future will pick up your defaults to match the active theme. Also, since colors are no longer stored in your wordfiles, you can modify and update your wordfiles without affecting your syntax highlighting colors!

Share the love!

Have a theme you want to share with friends or coworkers? No problem. Open the Theme Manager, click the export button to export your theme as a single, self-contained file which you can send to anyone using v20!


V20: Not just a pretty face! See what else is new...


• Quantum leap in large file handling and performance


V20 delivers blazing fast file handling with smoother scrolling, instantaneous navigation, and much faster edit operations (cut, copy, delete, etc.) in files from 100's of MB to 10+ GB in size!

• Easy-to-use Layouts


Layouts (formerly environments) allow you to quickly change the application layout of the editor. Layouts also preserve your custom settings so they aren't lost as part of an update.

• CSS Color Tooltips


Preview your CSS and HTML colors by simply hovering over the color definition in your source code. Change the color itself by Ctrl + clicking on the color swatch.

• Expanded Artistic Style


Automatically tidy and beautify your code with UltraEdit's A-Style integration! V20 provides full support for the latest A-Style as well as support for custom configuration files.

See all changes in v20

Screenshot of CSS Color Tooltips


Upgrade your personal license today! Your upgrade includes:


• The all new v20.00
• Multiple installations for personal use
• Windows, Mac, and Linux versions
• 1 common license key for all platforms
• Free upgrades for 1 year for all platforms
• Lifetime support





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 Upgrade to the UltraEdit / UltraCompare Bundle


Save 40% on a new UltraCompare license when you bundle it with your UltraEdit v20 upgrade!

Retail: $89.95
Only: $69.95


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Your paid upgrade to v20.00 includes the upcoming 20.x updates planned for next year...FREE


A look ahead: UltraEdit v20 roadmap


Ian Mead

What's planned for the v20 series?

Version 20.00 sets the stage for many exciting things to come. At the forefront of the v20 series is usability! Our goal is to make changes that help users access the power of UltraEdit in the most simplistic way...

For starters, we're implementing a new Quick Find feature which will render itself in a keystroke with automatic focus in the text entry box. This will allow users to jump in and out of find operations is a snap. For the bigger find and replace operations, we are migrating the Find/Replace dialogs into a tabbed dockable window. The FTP Browser will become a dockable window as well.

UltraEdit roadmap screenshot

As you can see, the 20.x series is transformational...a new version for a new era of UltraEdit. Beautifully powerful. Of course, there will be other features and performance enhancements, but we will leave those details for the next roadmap update. Thank you for allowing us to be your solution provider.

     - Ian




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