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2013/08/13 (10:02)
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August 12, 2013

Devart is glad to announce the release of dotConnect for DB2, an ADO.NET provider for accessing DB2 databases, based on IBM DB2 .NET Data Provider, and providing better Entity Framework support, more features for ASP.NET projects, native SSIS Source and Destination components, dbMonitor support, and other features.

With dotConnect for DB2 you get the following benefits:

ADO.NET Benefits
dotConnect for DB2 supports both connected (DataTable) and disconnected (DataSet) models of data access, provides advanced components, such as DB2Script, powerful tools - DataSet Wizard and DataSetManager, etc.

Entity Framework Benefits
dotConnect for DB2 provides much better Entity Framework support than the standard IBM DB2 .NET Data Provider. It supports all the development approaches - Model First, Database First, or Code First, supports Visual Studio EDM designer, and provides its own visual model designer - Entity Developer - with far more advanced functionality. dotConnect for DB2 supports using DB2-specific types and functions, stored procedures, etc. in Entity Framework and provides a wide number of settings for configuring Entity Framework provider.

ASP.NET Support
dotConnect for DB2 offers a number of features for ASP.NET projects. It provides an advanced DB2DataSource component for data access and support for ASP.NET provider model. It offers such ASP.NET providers as Membership provider and role provider (along with SimpleMembership providers), Session State provider, Site Map provider, Web Event provider, and Personalization provider.

Miscellanous features
dotConnect for DB2 can be used in conjunction with Microsoft Enterprise Library Data Access Application Block, provides native Source and Destination components for data flows in SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) packages, offers convenient per-component monitoring of database events and other features, not available in the standard provider.

You are welcome to download and evaluate the new version.

With Best Wishes,
The Devart Team

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