SOTI News - Spring 2013 | Who's Afraid of BYOD? (영문)
2013/06/26 (09:27)
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Who's afraid of BYOD? Definitely not the White House, which just released a BYOD toolkit for government agencies looking to implement a BYOD deployment. As part of the digital government strategy, the BYOD and advisory working groups have created guidelines based on takeaways from successful implementation by government agencies.

The major drivers they identified for implementing a BYOD program include: cost reduction, improving productivity and effectiveness, workforce flexibility and enhanced user experience. Some agencies such as The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Bureau realized a 60% saving of $1.2 million from their hardware replacement budget of $2 million.

The BYOD Working Group developed policies that could be used by other federal and local government agencies that are looking at evaluating and implementing a BYOD program. These policies include:

SOTI MobiControl & Samsung KNOX Collaboration

SOTI's MobiControl harnesses the power of Samsung's KNOX technology to deliver a solution that allows organizations to leverage the benefits of mobility while making sure that their corporate data is safe and secure. It also helps to protect the employee's privacy by fully supporting the containerization of corporate data without adversely affecting the user experience for the employee's personal device.

MobiControl allows IT administrators to manage their data within the KNOX container via an easy to use management console and a powerful set of management features such as anti-virus detection and removal, container level VPN, geofencing, web filtering and single sign-on authentication.

SOTI has taken a different approach from other MDM vendors, and has built unique technology providing advanced and consistent management for all Android devices, regardless of the device manufacturer. SOTI MobiControl's enhanced management features include:

  • Policies to control access to corporate email
  • Self-Service Management Portal
  • Advanced Content Management
  • Enterprise App Catalog
  • Full suite of Help Desk tools including real time remote control
  • Silent installation of applications and updates
  • Device Lockdown / Kiosk functionality
  • Location-based automatic management (i.e. Geofencing)
  • Remote wipe of corporate data, or full device wipe

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