HttpWatch 9.0: iPhone Support and New SSL Features (영문)
2013/06/21 (13:06)
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Simtec Limited
June / 2013
HttpWatch Professional 9.0 includes significant new feaures and is now available for download
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Upgrade HttpWatch on Windows for Free

The license key that you previously purchased for HttpWatch in order 74213 on 25 Aug 2012 will work with version 9.0. To upgrade just download and install HttpWatch 9.0 Professional for Windows.

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New Features

HttpWatch in App Store

HttpWatch Basic and Professional iPhone Apps

You can now debug, tune and measure the performance of mobile web sites on the iPhone. There are both Basic (free) and Professional (paid) versions of the app available.

SSL Handshake Timing available on IE and iPhone

The time taken to negotiate an SSL connection is now separately recorded from the TCP connection time in HttpWatch 9.0 in IE and on the iPhone.

SSL Connection Data on IE and iPhone

Information about the type and strength of the cryptographic algorithms used on am SSL connection is recorded in IE and on the iPhone.

Device Name and Device Type Properties

The name and type of the device is recorded in HttpWatch 9.0 and can be viewed in the Properties pane of an HWL file.

Supports Firefox 22

HttpWatch 9.0 now works with Firefox version 10 - 22
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