MathType 6.8 New Release: 64-bit Office support and more! (영문)
2012/05/25 (13:17)
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MathType 6.8 now supports 64-bit Microsoft Office

MathType - Equation Editor product shotWe are happy to announce the release of MathType 6.8 for Windows. This new version offers the following features:

  • Full 64-bit Microsoft Office support: If you have 64-bit Office, then you need MathType 6.8 for Windows.
  • Compatibility with 600+ applications and websites! Posterous, Quora, and 40+ other applications and websites join Microsoft Office, Apple iWork, Mathematica, and hundreds of others that work with MathType! Check out Works With ... to find out about these and other compatible applications and websites.
  • Paste a table from a spreadsheet, document, or webpage into MathType as a matrix: MathType lets you copy a table from a spreadsheet (e.g. Excel), document (e.g. Word), or webpage, and paste it into MathType as a matrix.
  • Save Word documents as math-enabled webpages: Our MathPage™ technology now converts Microsoft Word 2010 and 2007 documents into webpages, properly handling mathematical equations and symbols. Will also display properly for people with print disabilities.
  • Authoring for accessibility: As part of our work with Educational Testing Service (ETS) and others in the accessibility community, we have made a number of improvements in MathType to make it more useful for authoring content to be read by people with various print disabilities, such as blindness, low vision, and learning disabilities.

Eligible for a free upgrade?
Don't worry, if you purchased MathType 6.7 after February 1, 2012 you are eligible to receive a free copy of MathType 6.8 (download only). Please contact


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