New releases, Q1’12 info, latest service packs. You’ll love 2012! (영문)
2012/01/20 (13:25)
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January 2012



Todd Anglin

Editor's Note

Happy New Year! As we start 2012, the mood at Telerik is electric! Last year was incredible (as our CEO detailed in his year-end blog post), but the opportunities that lie ahead have everyone at Telerik excited. We're eager to continue adding value to the Telerik portfolio with new products, new release schedules, and new websites, with the same commitment to excellence we've established over the last 10 years.

One new area that's particularly exciting is Kendo UI. Officially launched in December, Kendo UI is redefining the standard for HTML5 and JavaScript tools. Kendo UI is everything you need for building sites and mobile apps with HTML5 and JavaScript. You supply the data and we'll help you do everything else with HTML5 so that you can build rich apps with unlimited reach.

If you're new to Kendo UI and HTML5, I recommend reviewing two blog posts today: Intro to Kendo UI and 5 Benefits of Developing JavaScript Sites and Apps. These posts help further explain the Kendo UI solution, as well as the problems we're solving. After that, be sure to download a Kendo UI free trial to see for yourself how easy Kendo UI is to use and learn.

Finally, if you're interested in building mobile apps with HTML5, visit next week to download the first public beta of Kendo UI Mobile, our mobile-specific HTML5 UI widgets. We know it's only January, but we're not wasting any time adding more value to the Telerik toolbox!

Todd Anglin
VP, HTML5 Web & Mobile Tools



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Kendo UI Mobile Expected on Jan. 24

OpenAccess Batch Database Operations in Q1'12

Lots of Goodies with Q3'11 SP1 of ASP.NET Ajax

Test Studio R1 2012 Roadmap

Printing in WinForms is Coming

TeamPulse 2012 Roadmap Revealed

JustDecompile Official Version Coming Soon!

See Sitefinity's Revolutionary Module Builder!

Get 50% Off JustTrace!

Search in JustDecompile




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Kendo UI Mobile Expected on Jan. 24

The Beta of Kendo UI Mobile will be released next week featuring mobile application framework and five UI widgets that look and act as native components on iOS and Android devices. Kendo UI Mobile is a component of Kendo UI - everything professional developers need to build HTML5 sites and mobile apps.

About Kendo UI Mobile


Lots of Goodies with Q3'11 SP1

We are very happy with all the things we managed to improve since the official Q3'11 release and we are sure you are going to be happy with them too. After all, they all came up as a result of your feedback, so go ahead and check the SP1 of RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX.

Learn more


Printing in WinForms is Coming

In five short weeks we will release Q1 2012 of all Telerik DevTools, including RadControls for WinForms. Q1 will bring some of your most requested WinForms features: printing support for RadScheduler and RadGridView, and a new RadTimePicker control for selecting the time from a drop-down.

Detailed roadmap


JustDecompile Official Version Coming Soon!

As we move closer to JustDecompile's official version we are happy to share that the new decompilation engine is almost ready, passing flawlessly through the tests. The official version will feature a brand new engine with better decompilation output but will remain as always, absolutely free.

Download now


Get 50% Off JustTrace!

JustTrace is now 50% off for a limited time. With JustTrace, profiling .NET applications and disabling bottlenecks is quick and effortless. Optimize performance and memory usage for all your applications. Save up to $400 and take advantage of this special low price.

Get it while it's hot


OpenAccess Batch Database Operations

A new dialog in the first Telerik OpenAccess ORM release for 2012 will give you an effortless approach to batch operations, handy when working with large database schemas. The time for building your data access layer will be further decreased through the new Fluent Mapping code generation, extended handling of Stored Procedures, and more.

Detailed roadmap

Test Studio

Test Studio R1 2012 Roadmap

The next big Test Studio release is coming in the beginning of April. We are preparing great new features for you! Few of them include Load/Stress testing, Integration with Quality Center, Defect Tracking Integration, Exploratory Testing and Enhanced HTML5 integration.

Give me the details

TeamPulse roadmap

TeamPulse 2012 Roadmap Revealed

Cross Project Dashboard, Time Tracking, Scheduling and Capacity Management and greater HTML5 footprint are just some of the features we'll be releasing this year for our project management tool TeamPulse. They will be packaged in 6 major releases which means that we'll be offering users something new every 2 months.

See full 2012 roadmap

Sitefinity Module Builder

See Sitefinity's Revolutionary Module Builder

Watch the short video demonstrating the power of the new Module Builder. With this tool you will be able to customize, extend and develop new features much faster. Sitefinity developers say the Module Builder is the "best thing since sliced bread."

See video






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Feb. 01-03, HTML5 Summit, Miami, USA - Stop by the booth for a Kendo UI demo. 

Feb. 10, jQuery conference, Oxford, UK - Telerik is a Platinum Sponsor and will present Kendo UI. 

Feb. 14-16, Microsoft TechDays Conference, Belgium - Visit the Telerik booth for a chance to win a Kindle! 


Search in JustDecompile

JustDecompile users requested Full Text Search functionality on the popular JustDecompile User Voice and our team responded. Full Text Search functionality is coming soon. This will allow full text search in all loaded assemblies to find instances of a particular search term.

See the blog post


Tips and Tricks

How to Increase Your ROI from Social Media Campaigns: A 5-step Strategy 

The Ultimate Scheduler Touch Experience for WinForms 

Telerik OpenAccess ORM Q3 2011 – Connection Pooling in Oracle environments 



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Developer Productivity Tools

The industry's leading UI components for .NET, essential tools for code analysis, decompiling, mocking, reporting and data access.

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Team Productivity Tools

Agile project management tools for requirements management, planning, scheduling, and project health monitoring.

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Automated Testing Tools

Solutions for fast and easy test automation of web and desktop applications:
HTML | AJAX | Silverlight | WPF.

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Web Content Management

A flexible ASP.NET CMS for the construction and management of commercial websites, community portals, and intranets.

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