UltraEdit 17.10 released, UE Mac/Linux 2.2 released, more... (영문)
2011/06/15 (11:24)
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  In this issue:  UE 17.10 released | UEx 2.2 released | Pre-announcing UCX 2.1 | Blogs/power tips

Announcing UltraEdit v17.10

Diligently engineered for those who roll up their sleeves and make things happen.
Screenshot of UltraEdit v17
To quickly download this update, go to Help -> Check for Updates. You can also use the download link below.
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We are proud to announce the next release of the v17 series: UltraEdit v17.10! This release focuses on refining and enhancing the most popular areas of UltraEdit including brace matching, FTP, projects, scripting, highlighting and more.

What's new in UE v17.10?
* New scripting functionality
  Go to position / select to position
  Clear all bookmarks
  Set / check read-only and word wrap
* Brace Matching advancements
  "Jump to matching brace" (no selection)
  New "SearchGoToBrace" key mapping item
* FTP Advancements
  Clear FTP directory path history
  Improved local/remote linked folder support
* Spell As You Type additions
  Toggle on/off from toolbar icon
  New "SpellAsYouType" key mapping item
* Project enhancements
  Better relative path handling
  Easier to add real/group folders
* Plus a whole lot more...
 UltraEdit for Mac/Linux v2.2 released
UltraEdit for Mac/Linux v2.2 now available...
    As promised, more fuel for your fire!
UEx 2.2

UltraEdit for Mac/Linux v2.2 boasts substantial functionality gains for both the Mac and Linux versions! What's new:

* User tools now available for both Mac and Linux
* Unlimited wordfiles for syntax highlighting
* Wordfiles in individual files
* Full auto-complete support
* Auto-correction of keywords
* Multi-line file tabs
* Ability to see hidden files in Open/Save dialogs on OS X
* Full localization support for all standard languages
* See more...
Mac Mac users
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Linux Linux users
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Multi-row file tabs
Full auto-complete support
User tools on Mac OS X
Ian Mead UE Mac/Linux Editions take another big step!

As you may already know, porting UE over to Mac/Linux was not a trivial task. We have strategically designed the port process around first; ensuring these platforms offer native functionality and second; not to meet, but to exceed the legendary functionality and performance of UltraEdit for Windows.

 Coming Soon: UltraCompare for Linux v2.1
UCx screenshot Pre-announcing UltraCompare for Linux v2.1

We are excited to pre-announce the release of UltraCompare for Linux v2.1 which will include two of the most powerful features available in the Windows version: Find Duplicates and Folder Synchronization! Stay tuned for more information about the upcoming release.

Download UC for Linux today and discover a new and better way to manage change on Linux!
 Buy now: Limited intro pricing for UCx
UltraCompare Linux box
Hurry... this special introductory pricing won't last long!

UCx is built upon the same diff/merge engine as UltraCompare for Windows - and it includes integration with UltraEdit for Linux!
Retail: $49.95
Intro: $39.95
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 Upgrade to the UE/UC Linux bundle
UE/UC Linux bundle box
Exclusively for existing UltraEdit for Linux users!

Add UCx to your UE for Linux upgrade and save $30 on UCx! Get the total file management solution...on your Linux system!
Retail: $79.95
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  UCX Update and Development Roadmap
  UltraEdit Quick Tip
UCX update: Mac edition expected this Fall...and other dev plans

Photo This year marked a huge step for UC: On the Windows side of the house we released v8.0 in January which added a LEAP in functionality with the addition of two MAJOR new features: Find Dupes and a new Sync/Merge Engine!

In v8.1 (released in April) we added PDF compare, .docx compare, and a sync scheduler... v8.2 is expected this fall and will be driven primarily by maintenance, but the big news is...

Read more
  UltraEdit Quick Tip: Delete data from one file that exists in another

Photo of Ben Schwenk Here's the scenario. File A contains a list of strings; one per line. File B is a larger "master" list. You need to quickly delete all strings from your "master list" in File B that exist in File A. You know this has to be possible with UltraEdit...but what's the best way of getting there?

This is a request that our support team receives frequently. Let's take a look at how we can do this with a quick macro...

Read more
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