UltraEdit Update Notice: Development News, Power Tips, and More... (영문)
2008/08/18 (17:48)
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Thank You to Everyone Who Participated...
   UltraEdit v14.00 Wins the People's Choice Award for:
      The Best Business Application or Utility

UltraEdit We are delighted to announce that UltraEdit was again awarded with the 2008 "People's Choice Award" for "The Best Business Application or Utility" by the Shareware Industry Association.

We are very pleased to have received this coveted award. The award marks the second consecutive year that UltraEdit has won the "People's Choice" award and punctuates the long relationship we've enjoyed with the SIAF.
Thank you to everyone who participated, we are very appreciative to all who voted.  Click here to read more...
 UltraCompare Sneak Peek

Performance, Simplicity, Integration...
    Everything You've Come to Expect from
       the Solution Preferred by Millions... And More!

UltraCompare 6.00 Coming Soon
* Exceptional Performance...
v6.00 is significantly faster with the all
new threaded processing...
* Refreshing Simplicity...
v6.00 includes all new sessions, tree-style navigation, and more...
* Unparalleled Integration...
UE/UC - The only unified editing solution of its kind... Plus portability - UC3!
* Click here to see what's coming in v6.00!
Sessions Align Manually Folder Tree View Web Compare
Sessions Align Manually Tree View Web Compare
Download UltraCompare BETA Get the Final BETA Release of UltraCompare v6.00!
Click here to request the BETA release of UltraCompare v6.00 and our support team will promptly send you the download instructions.
 Featured Power Tip: UltraEdit

Custom HTML Tags for the Beginner and Power User...
     Customizing the HTML Toolbar Commands...

HTML Toolbar
Learn More
Whether you are a HTML novice or an advanced software developer, you may occasionally need to code HTML. UltraEdit/UEStudio includes a convenient HTML toolbar that allows you to quickly code your text into HTML.

The HTML toolbar includes various default HTML commands which you can customize, but it also allows you to create your own custom HTML tags. Click here to learn more.
 Featured Power Tip: UltraEdit

The Easy Way to Combine Multiple Files...
     Combining Multiple Files into a Single Output File....

Combine Files
Learn More
We all know that UltraEdit/UEStudio allows you to insert a file into the active file, but have you ever needed to combine multiple files into a single destination (output) file?  

Read this power tip to learn how to leverage the power of scripting to combine all your open files into a single destination file. Click here to learn more.
 Featured Power Tip: UltraEdit

Creating CSS Styles Has Never Been Easier...
     Introduction to the Style Builder...

Style Builder
Learn More
Did you know you can use the Style Builder to generate CSS styles for elements in your web page? The Style Builder can be used to quickly create most of the common CSS styles such as: background, font/text, margins, padding, position, etc.

Need to check the specification for CSS2? No problem, the Style Builder also links to the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C) full CSS2 spec. Click here to learn more.
 Featured Power Tip: UltraEdit

The Smart Way to Sum Your Data...
     How To Sum a Column/Selection...

Sum Column
Learn More
Calculate the total from a column of numerical data... We've all needed to do it at one time or another.  You can do it the hard way, manually typing it in your calculator, or you can do it the smart way with UltraEdit's built-in sum column feature. 

UltraEdit's sum column feature allows you to quickly sum the values from the column. Click here to learn more... 


 Update Notices
* All IDM products come with complimentary upgrades for one year. Please make note of our most current releases below and click through to upgrade today!

  UEStudio v06.60 (7/01/08)
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an upgrade
  UltraEdit v14.10 (7/01/08)
Click here to learn more
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an upgrade
  UltraCompare v5.10a(3/12/08)
Click here to learn more
Click to request
an upgrade
  UltraSentry v4.00 (12/04/07)
Click here to learn more
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an upgrade
  UE3 v14.10 (7/01/08)
Click here to learn more
UE3 Free Upgrade Form Click to request
an upgrade

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