Announcing UEStudio 64-bit (영문)
2015/11/18 (09:35)
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Attention: An issue with Check for Updates in our initial release of UEStudio 15.30 may have caused problems for some users when updating. These problems have now been resolved, but users of certain previous versions of UEStudio may still experience an issue. If you continue to experience a problem with Check for Updates, please download UEStudio directly from our site.


When it comes to performance, we don't mess around.


UEStudio 64-bit is here. And trust us. It shreds.


Introducing the leanest, meanest UEStudio yet — v15.30 is here, for the first time in native 64-bit architecture. Expect blazingly-fast startup times, and across-the-board performance boosts. We also made big improvements to our SVN integration.

If you haven't updated to v15.30 yet...what are you waiting for?


Get UEStudio v15.30 now! In UEStudio, go to Help and select Check for Updates.




More on v15.30:

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The power of UEStudio. Now with the speed of UltraEdit.


64-bit UEStudio

That powerful Git integration. The newly improved SVN integration. The IDE features. All the added power of UEStudio is now just as light and snappy as UltraEdit.

We worked hard to make sure that the performance enhancments to our startup time and delivery of a native 64-bit version of UEStudio made a noticeable positive impact on your code editing experience.

We hope you think it's as amazing as we do. Download the 64-bit UEStudio now.


Fresh off the cutting room floor: Smart Templates


  Video thumbnail

Smart templates are a powerful feature of UltraEdit and UEStudio that are too often overlooked. In this video we attempt to expose some of the ways you can get a bit creative with this powerful feature to speed up your workflow in ways you may not have realized you could. Watch.


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