Navicat - Introducing the latest Navicat 11.1 & Navicat iOS (영문)
2014/09/26 (09:32)
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What's New Navicat iOS

Navicat has launched the most powerful Navicat version 11.1 and Navicat iOS to simplify your user experience of database management, introducing the latest iOS application, the ultimate data administration tool for iOS. You can now get access to MySQL database anywhere you go, let nothing stand in your way.

What is Navicat iOS?
• Database management for MySQL on iOS platform
• Usability improvement from traditional database administration tools
• Data access at anytime


Navicat Cloud

The greatest Navicat version 11.1 has launched, introducing you the Navicat Cloud. With this latest feature, you can instantly sync all your queries, connection settings, models, and virtual groups information under your personal account from up to 6 databases all at once. For existing users, you can now obtain the latest version from your Customer Center.

What's new in Navicat 11.1?
• Simultaneous data connections
• FREE 150 storage units
• Automatic synchronization
• Data management with personal Navicat ID


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