UEStudio 14.10 released! (영문)
2014/03/05 (11:17)
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UEStudio 14.10 now available


UEStudio v14.10


What's new in UEStudio v14.10?



Quick Find


Multi-caret editing




Re-imagined multi-pane FTP browser


"FTP Transfers" tab in Output Window


Optional "FTP Log" tab in Output Window


Theming improvements


Various other improvements


See more...


Download  Upgrade


Get UEStudio 14.10 now: Go to Help » Check for Updates.


UEStudio users rejoice! UEStudio 14.10 is now available with some of the most powerful and groundbreaking editing features we've ever introduced. If you're already using UEStudio, you can easily check to see if v14.10 is a free update for you by going to Help » Check for Updates.



 UltraEdit users: Upgrade to UE v21


UltraEdit box


...and renew your year of free upgrades.


Get all the new features of v21, plus receive a license for the latest versions of UltraEdit for Mac and Linux!

only $39.95

Buy Now



 UltraEdit users: Upgrade to UES 14.10


UEStudio box


...and get a $30 credit on your new UEStudio license!


UEStudio provides a framework of integrated development functionality that complements a very powerful editing platform.

Retail: $89.95
Now: $59.95

Buy Now


UltraEdit users: If you haven't already seen what's new in v21, check it out here.


Our upgrade policy: Since 1994, we've believed in over-delivering on the value of paid registration. As always, your paid registration includes free upgrades for one year following your purchase date.


Check out these new features in UE v21 and UES 14.10:


Multi-caret editing


Quick find


New multi-caret editing screenshot

Multi-selection screenshot

Quick find screenshot


Custom scrollbars

Re-imagined FTP browser

FTP transfer log


Custom scrollbars feature screenshot

New FTP browser screenshot

New FTP Transfers window




Power tips

Tech Support


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