Dynamsoft Monthly Newsletter - Dec 2013 (영문)
2014/01/08 (11:45)
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Monthly Newsletter-Dec 2013
Product News
Dynamic .NET TWAIN 5.0 is Available!
Updated Dynamic .NET TWAIN SDK to version 5.0, which now provides built-in support for WPF. Check Release Notes of v5.0 >>
ImageCapture Suite & Dynamic Web TWAIN 9.2 Released!
Now the new imaging toolkits fully support Internet Explorer 11. Check Release Notes of DWT v9.2 / ICS v9.2 >>
SourceAnywhere 5.0 Preview
SourceAnywhere 5.0, a major upgrade, is coming out in early 2014. We're glad to annouce that a Preview version is now available for you to have a try. Check What's New in v5.0 >>

Dynamsoft Documents
Dynamic .NET TWAIN Demo Gallery
All of Dynamic .NET TWAIN samples with source code are available for you to download and build your own applications. Go To Sample Code Gallery >>
Case Study: PICS' DocLib Document Management Application Leverages Dynamsoft SDK
Source: Dynamsoft Case Studies
"To date we have been happy with our partnership with Dynamsoft, the SDK is an invaluable part of the 'Simple Scan' feature we designed into DocLib and that is widely used and relied upon by our customers." said Richard Rosenthal, Co-Founder, PICS. Learn more >>
Dynamic Web TWAIN vs. ImageCapture Suite
Source: Dynamsoft Blog
This article talks about the main differences between the two imaging SDKs and how to upgrade from Dynamic Web TWAIN to ImageCapture Suite. Learn more >>
Relevant Articles
Building WPF-Based Image Capture .NET Apps Using TWAIN
Source: Dr. Dobb's
Dynamsoft has updated its Dynamic .NET TWAIN SDK to version 5.0 with built-in support for Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) version WPF 4.5 and earlier. Learn More >>
2D Barcode-Enabled Web Forms for Fill-and-Print Applications
Source: Dynamsoft Blog
Encode a QR Code with user filled-in data from web forms for data capture flexibility. Learn more >>
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