July Newsletter - Using simulation to drive your lean projects (영문)
2013/08/02 (09:06)
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5 Ways Simulation Drives your Lean Projects

This month we take a look at the growing use of simulation in Lean improvement projects.

We've created a series of content including webinars, case studies, and tutorials to help you start to use simulation as a catalyst for your Lean projects.

5 Ways Simulation Drives Lean >

5 ways
Simulation drives lean

SIMUL8 Updates

The SIMUL8 Live Lessons continue. A 5 day online SIMUL8 course for only $299

SIMUL8 User Events in 2013 Register for our Virtual User Group and Manufacturing events coming up in 2013

Calling all data scientists, the third sector needs you - Data Volunteering

What do a train and Formula One have in common? Lean and predictive analytics

Friday Tip: Using Scenario Manager to decide the correct number of resources

Friday Tip: How to replicate with resources

SIMUL8 2013 is out now!

With new data visualization features, state charts, and brand new icon libraries - SIMUL8 2013 is here to change the game.

Click here to see all the great features in 2013 >



New Business Development Manager for the Americas

With over 20 years of simulation experience, and an interesting perspective on technology, life and the future of simulation, Matthew Hobson-Rohrer is a great addition to our expanding team.

Read our interview with Matt >

Friday Tip - Creating a Schedule for Arrivals

Our Friday Tips series continues on the SIMUL8 blog with a look at setting up a schedule for arrivals at the Start Point of your simulation.

A really useful tip that will help replicate your real life system, like a schedule of patients arriving at a medical practice or parts in a manufacturing line.

Set up your schedule now >

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