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2013/09/12 (13:08)
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Packlocks and key
New release! Source Control for Oracle 2
With Source Control for Oracle 2 you can lock objects while you work on them. If you work on a shared development database, you'll never worry about people overwriting your changes again. New features also include object filtering in Check in, Get Latest, and Lock objects tabs.

Visit the Source Control for Oracle page for the full details
Tool News
Tool News
ANTS Performance Profiler logo
This CodeProject article explains how to use ANTS Performance Profiler 8 to view your application's data access performance and how it relates to your code, from database queries and web requests through to file system access.
Deployment Manager logo
Deployment Manager's new release includes support for deployments to SQL Azure. We've put together a simple walkthrough to help you get started deploying database changes to SQL Azure using Deployment Manager's free starter edition.
Red Gate is bringing top SQL Server MVPs and their own developers on tour with SQL in the City. Catch them at one of their events this October in Atlanta, Charlotte, and Pasadena.

These free events will provide multiple opportunities to build on your SQL Server knowledge and equip you with practical tips to take back to the office. Sessions will cover SQL Server topics like Database deployment, query performance tuning, and core monitoring.

Red Gate is also hosting free SQL in the City Seminars this September on the Fridays before SQL Saturday San Diego and Denver.
SQL in the City US Tour logo
Free Stuff
 Free Stuff 
 All Things Oracle experts Grant Fritchey 
Check out All Things Oracle, the community site backed by some of the biggest Oracle names like Cary Millsap and Jonathan Lewis.

Read exclusive articles, sign up for webinars, and download a featured eBook.
Join Grant Fritchey (SQL Server MVP) for top tips on core database administration tasks, including backup and recovery, monitoring and tuning, change management and more. Grant will then show how these tasks can be done even more quickly using the SQL DBA Bundle.

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